Detective Dee and Nine Dragon Coffin (狄仁杰之九龙玄棺) (2022) MultiSub & Indo Streaming Movie Free Download

Detective Dee and Nine Dragon Coffin 2022 Sub Indonesia Action Fantasy 30 July 2022

Synopsis: Detective Dee and Nine Dragon Coffin 2022 In the year Yi Feng, a group of tomb robbers find a mysterious man-eating coffin, and a golden dragon rises from the coffin. Detective Dee is ordered to investigate and he discovers that the corpse, which is man-eating and not afraid of the sword, is related to the family of Empress Wang, who was exiled to the south of the country twenty years ago. The dragon and phoenix night where people enjoyed the lanterns, the sound of the flute hovering in the sky above Chang’an City, the zombies crawling out of the nest, biting everyone they saw. Detectives Dee and Li Lingwei lead an army to fight the zombies, but the city’s army is becoming less and less. The force of the army is increasing, the only way is to wait until dawn, for the zombies to burn themselves in the sun, but can they survive?
Genre: Action, Chinese, Fantasy
IMDB rating: N/A
Director: Tao Yuan
Writers: Tao Yuan / Zhang
Stars: Wei Wei / Li Zhenan / Ye Xuan / Zhang Haocheng / Lou Xuexian

Author: Zukét

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