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Death Count 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Horror 19 July 2022

Synopsis: Death Count 2022 Strangers wake up in individual holding cells with no memory of how they arrived. They realize that if they don’t get enough “likes” online at the right time, they will die a horrible death at the hands of the evil executioner. Death Count is a horror film for our time that involves a group of people who wake up chained in a cell; they were told that they should play the game and get as many “likes” as possible… or something else. It has first-rate players including Michael Madsen, Costas Mandylor, Sarah French, Devanny Pinn and Robert LaSardo. Admittedly LaSardo is really more than a cameo but he’s always a welcome addition to any cast like modern-day scream queen Devanny Pinn.
Genre: Horror
IMDB rating: 4.5/10
Director: Michael Su
Writers: Rolfe Kanefsky
Stars: Costas Mandylor, Michael Madsen, Robert LaSardo

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