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Dead Zone 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Action Horror Sci-Fi 29 July 2022


Synopsis: Dead Zone 2022 To stop humanity’s destruction, an elite team of soldiers wielding high-tech armor and weapons must descend into a radiation-poisoned city and undertake the ultimate stealth mission. But they had to be careful – with Hell on Earth, they might run into Demons. The film opens in darkness tinged green when we are told that a viral outbreak has turned a large part of the population into ferocious flesh-eating predators. Cities were evacuated and radiation bombs were used on zombies. So this is another zombie apocalypse. Chief Callahan’s daisies (Jeff Fahey, The Commando, The Long Night) appear and invite them to a meeting. It looks like there’s a vaccine prototype, but the lab where the vaccine was developed is overrun by zombies. The mutated ones who survived the radiation blast that turned the area around them into the Dead Zone.
Genre: Action, Horror, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating: 4.0/10
Director: Hank Braxtan
Writers: Jeffrey Giles
Stars: Chad Michael Collins, Jeff Fahey, Tarkan Dospil, James Markham Hall Jr.

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