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Day Zero 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Action Horror July 3, 2022 Bioskopkeren – synopsis – Day Zero 2022 This film enjoyed its world premiere at the Neuchâtell International Fantastic Film Festival. After spending eight years cooped up in prison, Emon (Brandon Vera) has learned a thing or two. Most importantly, he had learned not to cause trouble. As a tall and muscular man, his appearance tends to intimidate other prisoners, but he displays a gentle and peaceful spirit, exercising self-control to avoid unnecessary fights. However, when push comes to shove, Emon will always be there for his friend and fellow prisoner Timoy (Pepe Herrera) as he waits for the moment he can be reunited with his beloved wife Sheryl and their beloved daughter, Jane. Sheryl’s hopes for a happy reunion have waned of late, and Emon’s recent phone call, explaining his defense of his friend Timoy and the outcome of his sentencing, does little to assuage Sheryl’s worries that Emon will ever be ready to become a father. for Jane, who is deaf and desperately wants her parents at home by her side. Then everyone started turning into zombies and domestic problems were pushed back. The prison door swings open and the inmates are freed, only to soon start falling victim to a swarm of zombies that appear out of nowhere. The script by Ays De Guzman isn’t big on specifics or explanations, but, really, if zombies suddenly appeared, desperate to chew on your flesh, would you take the time to ask them their origin story first?
Interesting story.

Director: Joey De Guzman
Writers: Ays De Guzman
Stars: Brandon Vera, Pepe Herrera, Mary Jean Lastimosa

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