Dancing on Glass (Las niñas de cristal) (2022) Multilingual & Sub Indo Streaming Movie Download

Nonton Dancing on Glass 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Drama Thriller 8 April 2022

Synopsis: Dancing on Glass 2022 begins with the suicide of Maria, the company’s main ballerina. After her death, Irene was chosen to play the role of Giselle. The romantic ballet “Giselle” tells the story of a young peasant woman who is heartbroken by a man named Albrecht. He went crazy after their separation and eventually died. The second half deals with Willis. They were forest spirits who greeted Giselle after her death. Myrtha was Queen Willis, and Willis was the woman who died unmarried.
These are mainly stories that deal with the emotional turmoil caused when a person is separated from the person they love the most. Giselle’s story resonates with Irene’s life, and “Dancing On Glass” is also divided into two acts. When Irene first found out about her choice, she was overjoyed, but upon reaching the company, she realized that everyone expected Ruth (Maria’s best friend) to play the role. From then on, he felt like an outsider, unable to trust the people around him. He first interacts with Aurora outside the club, where the group is celebrating its first day.
They both feel out of place and find comfort in each other’s company. He was the first to ask how Irene felt after the election, and it affected her greatly. The two of them gradually started to support each other. Irene’s father doesn’t really like Irene’s profession. He makes her feel insecure about her job and wants her to focus on long-term plans. He began to distance himself from his family as well as his co-workers.
Interesting story. Yes, just watched it directly at the cinema.
Genre: Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating: 6.1/10
Director: Jota Linares
Writers: Jota Linares
Stars: María Pedraza, Juanjo Almeida, Olivia Baglivi, Jota Castellano, Iria del Río

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