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Collision 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Crime Drama Thriller 16 June 2022

Synopsis: Collision 2022 is set in Johannesburg and weaves the lives of a company employee, gangsters, a group of young people and a local shopkeeper. The film shows layers of racism, class divisions and rampant corruption within the country. It opens with a road accident and a girl screams from the trunk of one of the cars. Two days before this incident, we are introduced to Johan Greser (Langley Kirkwood), a former soldier who works as Head of Security for a large company. He is scheduled for promotion to the new CFO and rehearsing his presentation. Meanwhile, his teenage daughter, rebellious Nicki (Zoey Sneedon) argues with her mother Diane (Tessa Jubber) about packing up for her month-long trip to LA – something she has absolutely no interest in. Then enters Bra Sol (Vuyo Dabula), a local gangster who owns a nightclub and also has many illegal projects who have become powerful because of regular bribes to bureaucrats and politicians. He finds himself in repair when the mayor of the city demands 500,000 South African rand in exchange for moving a large package of his. He threatens to close the construction project for the Bra Sol school if he fails to provide the money.
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating: 3.9/10
Director: Fabien Martorell
Writers: William Gillin
Stars: Tessa Jubber, Langley Kirkwood, Bonko Khoza

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