Civet Cat for Crown Prince 2022 MultiSub & Indo Streaming Movie Free Download

Civet Cat for Crown Prince 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Action Comedy Romance 24 June 2022


Synopsis: Civet Cat for Crown Prince 2022 In Bangkok, Thailand, the International Grand Thief Dragon Mountain is entrusted by the boss of the Skull Buddha gang to steal a dragon’s head. Unexpectedly, he collided with the idle Xu Yi and had an accident. They exchange identities. Both have many ironic stories under their new identities. Xu Yi began to understand people. The bad ambition is not short, and Longshan understands the truth of love and compassion, and then they join hands to fight the Skeleton Buddha, help the police to exterminate the power of the Skeleton Buddha, and successfully return the dragon head, which has been wandering for more than a century, back to motherland hugs.
Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance
IMDB rating: N/A
Director: Tong Hui
Writers: Shen Chenyi
Stars: Peng Yushu / Cui Yongxuan

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