Cha Cha Real Smooth (2022) Multilingual & Sub Indo Streaming Movie Download

Cha Cha Real Smooth 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Comedy Drama June 17, 2022


Synopsis: Cha Cha Real Smooth 2022 Javien Mercado boldly professes his love for Bella (Kelly O’Sullivan), who is roughly twice his age, and is shot down—softly, but so firmly that Raiff cuts to a shot of Andrew staring grimly at him. outside the car window on the way home before Bella could even fully articulate the last ‘d’ in “I’m getting old.” A decade later, Andrew has just come home from college, shares a bedroom with his high school brother, David (Evan Assante), and works the counter at an insanely tacky fast food mall outlet called Meat Sticks. Escorting David at a bat mitzvah party, he is instantly attracted to a woman and her teenage daughter, sitting alone while everyone dances… just as her younger self has fallen for Bella after seeing her receive an annoying phone call on the stairs and then returns to keep running. similar function to a big smile. Domino (Dakota Johnson) explains that Lola (Vanessa Burghardt) is autistic and reluctant to socialize more than just showing up. Andrew bets Dominoes $300 that he can take Lola to the dance floor; his belated reveal of how he achieved this makes for one of the best Cha Chas jokes.
Genre: Comedy, Drama
IMDB rating: 8.0/10
Director: Cooper Raiff
Writers: Cooper Raiff
Stars: Cooper Raiff, Dakota Johnson, Evan Assante

Cha Cha Real Smooth (2022) Multilingual & Sub Indo Streaming Movie Download
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