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Bullet Proof 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Action August 19, 2022

Synopsis: Bullet Proof 2022 Bullet Proof opens in the trash because some thugs execute what I consider to be rival thugs. While they were doing that Thieves (James Clayton, Residue, AMI) sneaked in and helped himself to the pile of cash that was just sitting there guarded. His exit is a bit more complicated and he ends up escaping in a car that has the pregnant Temple wife (Vinnie Jones) Mia (Lina Lecompte, Homeland: Fort Salem, Monster High: The Movie) Temple’s pregnant wife (Vinnie Jones). Writers Cooper Bibaud and Danny Mac, who previously collaborated on Love/Hate and Heel Kick, fill Bullet Proof’s opening full of action. Unfortunately, they also fill him with impossible plot devices like money lying there waiting to be picked up or The Thief turning on the radio in his car so everyone in Temple will know he’s there. We also get a lot more clichés, from a gun that gets stuck at the wrong time to a fight between Mia and her accidental savior. Of course, the argument didn’t stop him from returning after he initially left her by the side of the road and again at a motel. It looks like they are trying to reconstruct an old school chase film by assembling the elements of the genre that are most often used.
Genre: Drama
IMDB rating: N/A
Director: James Clayton
Writers: Cooper Bibaud
Stars: Vinnie Jones,

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