Blood in the Water (2022) Multilingual & Sub Indo Streaming Movie Download

Blood in the Water 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Horror Mystery June 7, 2022

Synopsis: Blood in the Water 2022 Zara (Hannah Ponting) is a young woman with a dark secret. Her life is suddenly disrupted when a masked sociopath, breaks into her flat, drops her and chain her to a domestic swimming pool along with five strangers. Soon, they realize they are not alone when the last member of the congregation is revealed: the terrifying Great White shark. The game of the magical sociopath then becomes clear as each one of them is chosen one by one to be dragged into the pool to become food for the sharks. As blood is spilled and numbers dwindle, Zara learns that, in order to find true redemption, she must strip everything and leave her fate in the hands of a sociopath and, more importantly, a shark waiting in the water…
Genre: Horror, Mystery
IMDB rating: 3.4/10
Director: Dominic Nutter
Writers: Matthew B.C, Dominic Ellis
Stars: Jamie Robertson, Andrew Rolfe, Amanda-Jade Tyler

Author: Zukét

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