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Birdies is a sensational golf film that is infectious and lands comfortably on the gridiron. Ryan O’Flanagan plays Jake Baxter, the new pro for Twin Pines. The club, run by Charlie Conroy (Zach Hanner), fights for money and needs to win the next tournament. Jake’s arrival brings everyone together as the tournament approaches.
While Birdies is what you’d expect from a film of this kind, what makes it special is the amount of heart that goes behind it. You can feel that everyone is giving their all and the spirit really shines through. It feels like a very personal film, and while the stakes are high, it’s not a world championship and the whole world isn’t watching, it feels more focused and that makes it a lot more interesting than the formula underdog films we were hoping for.

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It’s also really funny, with lots of laughs at our hard times. There are lots of characters, with each one of them feeling different and different. You really understand who they are all and the way they play with each other is great.
There are a lot of weird and weird moments that only work because the cast and characters are so great. Jake and Nick (Nate Panning) are excellent on screen, as are everyone else. This is the kind of movie that you will catch more and more little moments every time you watch it.
Some funny moments come when Jake is talking to his girlfriend, Brandy (Aerli Austen), who forbids Jake to play golf after an incident at college. Their argument when Sarah found out was funny. Jake tells his new friends that sometimes in a seven-year relationship you have to sleep in the rain is one of the film’s highlights, which O’Flannagan delivers flawlessly.
Release Date: 2022-02-22
Countries:United States

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