Ambulance (2022) Multilingual & Sub Indo Streaming Movie Download

Nonton Film Ambulance 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Action Crime Drama Thriller April 8, 2022

Synopsis: Ambulance 2022 War veteran Will Sharp, desperate for $231,000 for his wife Amy’s surgery, reaches out to Danny, his adopted brother and lifelong criminal, who persuades him to take part in a $32 million bank robbery. Although initially hesitant, Will agrees after Danny reaffirms that he is doing this for Amy. The plan almost works until Officer Zach, who goes to the bank to ask the bank teller, learns of the situation and is taken hostage by Danny. A shootout then ensues between one of the heist members and Zach’s partner, Officer Mark. The LAPD’s Special Investigation Department (SIS) arrives and shoots down the entire crew except for Will and Danny, who retreat to the garage. Zach tries to escape and during a fight between him and Danny, he is accidentally shot by Will. Leaving Zach for dead, the brothers attempt to exit through the back of the building but find him surrounded by police. They then hijack the ambulance with EMT Cam Thompson on board, who treats the injured Zach. After a chase that leads them into an alley, Cam tries desperately to escape using a fire extinguisher but decides to stay put as Zach starts to flatten.
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
IMDB rating: 6.4/10
Director: Michael Bay
Writers: Chris Fedak
Stars: Jake Gyllenhaal, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Eiza González

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