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A Cut Above 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Comedy 28 July 2022

Synopsis: A Cut Above 2022 a restless story about urban Brazilians who live improbable temporary lives, colored with a certain joie de vivre. It’s a riff on stuff from colorful barbershop/neighborhood comedy, and it doesn’t just embrace silliness – it makes love to it. You’ve got to be old-enough ironsides to not at least roll your eyes at it dear, reluctantly or otherwise. Richardsson (Lucas Koka Penteado) is on screen and talks right at us like the fourth wall is barely there. He introduces us to life in the “suburbs” of Rio de Janeiro, where existence is a “never-ending crowd,” but “luck is on our side,” he insists. There is joy in his voice, optimism in every word and step, movement and color end to end in every frame. At one point, Richardsson turned to the camera and said, “Really? you babbling my oath? and after that, whoever utters his curse will no longer sound his curse.
Genre: Comedy
IMDB rating: 4.8/10
Director: Rodrigo Frana
Writers: Marcelo Andrade
Stars: Juliana Alves, Neusa Borges, Solange Couto, Nando Cunha

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