3 Demons (2022) Multilingual & Sub Indo Streaming Movie Download

3 Demons 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Thriller 1 July 2022

Synopsis: 3 Demons 2022 Sawyer (Sherryl Despres, Accidental Exorcist, Bigfoot, UFO, and Jesus) is interviewing James Fisher (Peter Tell, The Spore) in his prison cell as part of a psychiatric evaluation. A former police officer, he is assigned to look after the corpse of Matya Abelman (Laura Golinski).
He was found in a stone circle in front of a secluded cabin. Their families and lawyers are adamant that there is no autopsy and nothing should happen to the body. They must be “protected at all costs”, but they do not specify what needs to be protected. Almost as soon as his partner Winters (Haley Heslip, Case 137, Paper XIII: Currency of Blood) is called in, strange things start to happen. A flower out of place with a special meaning to him is one thing. A corpse that appeared to be breathing was a completely different matter. Worst of all bird droppings on her face.
Genre: Thriller
IMDB rating: 7.1/10
Director: Matt Cunningham
Writers: Matt Cunningham
Stars: Zoe Cunningham, Sherryl Despres, Laura Golinski

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